Why Online Auctions

Online auctions have changed. No longer is it exclusively the tool of the professional investor. Today, it delivers a rapid, totally secure route of sale for every type of property owner, to a set timescale, with the security of a reservation fee. This method works to a fixed timescale for completion, and achieves the maximum price in today’s market. These benefits are made all the more compelling by the security provided by the non-refundable buyer reservation fee.

No Selling Fees

Selecting a sale by auction, you have the option to sell for 0%* sales fee, meaning you keep all of your sales proceeds.


Security for Sale

Your purchaser will pay a non-refundable reservation fee to secure the sale and will exchange contracts within 28 days – so you know your buyer is committed.

Fixed Completion Date

An online auction can start immediately and run for as long or short as you require(generally 30 days), with the added benefit of fixed exchange and completion dates from the outset giving you the peace of mind to move forward.

Competitive Bidding

By pricing your property attractively, we aim to generate the maximum interest in your property. This will create a competitive bidding environment, to achieve the best price possible at the end of the auction.

All Property Types

Auctions are not just for run down properties or those desperate to sell, all types of properties can be suitable including vacant residential/commercial properties, tenanted or investment properties and land/development opportunities.


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Reserve price

You set the reserve price, so you have total control over the sale and the peace of mind that your property will never sell for less than your minimum stated reserve price.

Thanks for all your help, you have a top system too, which kept me updated with the progress of my sale. I will definitely use you again in the near future and will recommend your service to all my family and friends.

Worldwide Audience

It's best to direct any offers to your estate agent, who will pass these on to the seller verbally and in writing. Any negotiating over the sum and the contents of the property will also be handled by your estate agent.

The modern method of auction is known as a conditional auction. A conditional auction occurs when an offer is accepted or at the close of the auction, the buyer must also place a non refundable reservation fee to reserve the property. 28 days are given to the buyer to exchange contracts; this is followed by another 28 days to then complete the purchase. The modern method of auction is the preferred method of many buyers as it offers greater flexibility whilst still securing a sale on the property. 


Call or visit us for property buying tips and a peek into our current selection of properties which haven’t yet made it onto our books. You’re sure to find several that fit within your budget.