Online Auctions

London Residential are proud to announce their new Online Auctions Service. Register your details and be the first to know about all of our new auction properties! Auctions arent just for the rundown, project properties anymore. From land to penthouses, anything can sell well via online auctions! Here are some benefits of Online Auctions.

Achieve maximum value - We are able to guarentee that you will get the best price on the current market with us as we provide a unique pricing strategy and fantastic marketing. By working with us you will recieve increased levels of interest in your property which we create using our unique pricing strategy. Higher levels of interest result in more offers and a higher end of sales price.

A fixed date to move and sell - Complete clarity is provided for both parties as upon the close of the auction your property is tied into a fixed time scale for exchange and completion. Many sales tend to take longer than anticipated and therefore a fixed timescale is rarley set when selling a property through private treaty.

A non-refundable reservation fee - A non-refundable reservation fee is paid by the buyer of the property and is calculated against the final selling price of the property. This is paid upon the close of the auction. You have the reassurance that the buyer is serious and able to proceed with the sale as the reservation fee paid is non refundable.

0% Commission on all sales - To sell your property with us you would not have to pay any fees whatsoever. So the money you’re going to save can be spent on something a little more interesting like a holiday or a new car perhaps? Our costs are covered by the reservation fee that we charge to the buyer.