HMO Licensing for Landlords in Islington

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HMO licensing has been a big deal over the last few years. Problem properties in a couple of roads in Islington, and a few landlords who fail to meet acceptable standards there, have prompted new regulations.

So what are the HMO regulations for Islington, how do they affect you as a landlord, and what do you need to do to meet them?

The new regulations cover the entire borough of Islington and kicked in on 1st February 2021. In addition, the Finsbury Park ward has been designated as a selective licensing area, so all properties in this ward, however rented, will need a selective license. They join the existing mandatory licensing rules for properties with 5 or more tenants forming a single household.

The new scheme, however, affects properties let to three or more people in more than one household, sharing basic amenities such as kitchen, bathroom or toilet — no matter how many storeys the property is.

The regulations are very clear about what they mean by ‘3 or more tenants’:

“A household may be a single person or several members of the same family, all related by blood or marriage. For example, a house occupied by a brother, sister and one other unrelated occupant would form two households; three unrelated persons would form three households.”

So if you’re sharing a house with two other friends, you would form three households. If you share with your partner and a child, then that’s one household.

To meet the regulations, you’ll have to meet a minimum set of standards for room sizes, number and type of kitchen and bathroom facilities, electrical facilities and fire precautions.

Your property will be inspected to check that it meets the standards, and you’ll be told what needs to be done to meet compliance. London Borough of Islington charges £288 per tenant for the application and license, which usually lasts for 5 years.

If you don’t have a license for an HMO that is liable for one, then you can be fined £30,000 and face a rent repayment charge to your tenants.

We can take some of the burden of this work off your hands. London Residential understands the new regulations and have the contacts to make any necessary changes to your property quickly and with excellent value. Our special Additional HMO License Application for HMOs of 3+ occupants is £490+VAT, and can give you complete peace of mind.