Selling London property? Answers to frequently asked questions

One of the most common questions we’re asked at London Residential is “Could you value my home? ” Don’t be frightened to ask for a valuation even if you’re just curious and have no immediate plans to sell. It really is worthwhile to know what your home is worth.

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As well as requesting a valuation, there are other frequently asked questions from sellers that we’ve collated, together with London Residential’s answers:

Why are you advising me to sell before looking for a new property?
Although it’s tempting to scour the property pages and internet for your dream home as soon as you decide to move, the smartest sellers put their property on the market first. If your London property is for sale or, even better, under offer when you start looking for your onwards purchase, you’ll be taken more seriously by the person selling the home you want to buy. Many sellers lose the home they have set their heart on because someone further along in their own moving process makes an offer.

How can I avoid choosing the wrong estate agent for my property?
It’s risky opting for an agent based on fees alone - especially if they’re located miles away from your property. Choose an estate agent with a branch in your community that’s staffed by local people. It guarantees they’ll know the neighbourhood inside out and will already be in contact with people looking for property for sale in the area. It’s also worth choosing an agent whose staff are NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) trained and who has plenty of good reviews and testimonials.

Why haven’t I been getting viewings or offers?
Many sellers come to London Residential having been unsuccessful with another estate agent. Normally a lack of interest, viewings or offers is because of an inaccurate valuation. As a local estate agent, London Residential has real time information about Camden borough price trends and local demand - and we always value a property so it catches the eye of buyers and doesn’t put people off. Why not request a free property valuation today? London Residential also pays particular attention to the presentation of the properties we sell - we will suggest a new set of photographs and a redesign of marketing materials to generate interest.

Help! Can I swap to London Residential as my selling agent?
Swapping to London Residential is simple. You’ll need to find out how long your agreement is with your current agent and speak to us before your contract ends. We can conduct an accurate valuation and get a compelling marketing package in place so you’re ready to go from day one with us.

I want to sell and move quickly - what should I do?
Choose an agent who can reach the biggest buying audience and that means a High Street agent such as London Residential, as we generate walk-in business as well as internet enquiries. We hold waiting lists of buyers ready to book viewings and make offers as soon as we take a property on - even before it’s listed online. Realistic pricing is also crucial for a quick sale - an over ambitious price may take longer to achieve and delay your sale. Also make sure you’re in the strongest buying position possible - have a mortgage agreement in principle before making offers and, to reiterate, get your own home on the market before looking for an onwards purchase.

Don’t forget, our selling advice and valuations are free of charge. Contact us today or drop in for a chat and we’ll do our best to answer your burning property questions.