Tips to finding property hotspots in London

If you want to know how to make the best long-term investment, you can cut to the chase by contacting North West London estate agents London Residential now for details. Read on.

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Once upon a time, property investors could almost guarantee a short-term income from monthly rent, in tandem with long-term profits through appreciation. While the latter still holds true - despite property prices not rising at such astronomical levels - the former is under threat, thanks to changes in the lettings industry regarding mortgage interest tax relief, with additional pressures coming from an increased second home stamp duty levy.

Investing in a North West London property remains a brilliant long-term investment but landlords will need to do their research thoroughly and purchase wisely, if they are to see the best returns. One of the smartest ways to safeguard a property investment is to buy in an, as yet, undiscovered area. It’s not a secret strategy, but the skill lies in identifying the streets and neighbourhoods in North West London that have yet to peak.

Buying ahead of the curve is very much where the best buy-to-let investments lie,” comments Lewis Talbot, Lettings Manager at London Residential. “The Camden borough as a whole is very desirable but there is still some untapped potential.”

Working with a local estate agent who has an excellent reputation and intimate knowledge of individual streets, postcodes and neighbourhoods is paramount to spotting a place with prospects. “To really know an area inside out - the places that are due for a revival, the streets that are getting a new restaurant and the sub-value postcodes that are surrounded by affluence - you need to be living in, working in and breathing in North West London property,” adds Lewis.

London Residential is staffed by local people who combine their area expertise with property professionalism to help buy-to-let investors make the right purchase. We act as the eyes and ears for landlords, networking in the community and trend watching. Our skills mean we can tip off landlords who are looking for the greatest price appreciation potential - not every agent will have the same grass roots knowledge that we do.”

Here are some indicators that a neighbourhood is ‘on the up’:-

1. Schools - Living in the catchment of a good school will always add a layer of desirability and value to a property. While properties in the catchment of ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rated or league table-topping schools will have reached their ceiling price, houses and flats close to rapidly improving or ambitious schools are worth exploring.

2. New food ventures - London is a hotbed of gastronomic excellence and there is a growing counter-culture in cuisine that shuns mass produced, high street food. Look for roads and enclaves that don’t have a deli, boutique coffee shop, a farmers’ market or a street food event - it won’t be long before something new opens. You need to invest while the streets are still full of friendly chicken shops and not independent gin distillers and cold-brew coffee outlets (yes, the chicken shop ratio is something that actually exists as a property forecasting tool!).

3. New or improved transport links - The commute factor is still king in London and almost every traveller is looking to shave minutes off their journey or find a more direct route from A to Z. Major transport projects are usually years in the delivery - think Crossrail - and buy-to-let investors can make the biggest gains by investing in areas set to benefit as soon as any announcement is made.

4. Regeneration and investment projects - Like transport improvements, regeneration and investment projects can be a slow burn but they produce increasing levels of appreciation and an appetite among home movers. You can attend the council’s meetings for news of developments, and can scan the trade and local press for announcements.

If you’d like to invest in North West London property today, contact London Residential for expert advice.

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