London Residential’s Essential Seminar For Landlords & Investors On Buy-To-Let Tax Saving

Further to the success of our first Breakfast Seminar, we're delighted to announce we're back with an Essential Seminar For Landlords & Investors On Buy-To-Let Tax Saving. 

Would you like to run your life and all your expenses through a very simple property company where you hardly pay any rental income tax? 

If so, join us in Camden on February 13th at 8:15 for a FREE Q&A session with leading tax expert Christopher Cole.

- Do you own at least two buy-to-let properties?
- Is the combined gross asset value equal to or above £1,000,000?
- Are your properties held in your own name or someone else’s?
- Are your properties expected to attract significant capital gains?

If you answered yes to the above, then our upcoming Breakfast Seminar is not to be missed. Please CLICK HERE to reserve your spot today.