High street agents win the day

This is the heart-warming story of how a sales transaction made the day of a valued client but also our sales director, Liana.

Liana outlines what happened: 

"Valerie was recommended to me by a previous happy client. I went to visit her property shortly before I was going on maternity leave.  It wasn't until I came back from maternity, that I discovered Valerie had chosen to go on the sales market with an Online Agency.  I immediately called her to see how her sale was going, assuming that it would be long done and dusted by then!  Not the case.  So I went around to visit her at the apartment and discovered that one whole year after instructing the Online Agent she was still on the market, she'd had very few viewings and no feedback at all!  As is the case with Online Agencies, Valerie had paid the sales fee upfront and felt that there was no urgency or motivation for the agent to sell the flat. Overall she had received very little advice and what she had received was pretty poor advice."

Liana explains what happened next:

"After our discussion, Valerie dis-instructed the online agent served her notice, paid her fee, and then gave me her business on a sole agency sales basis.  We discussed the value of the property based upon comparable flats my colleagues and I had recently sold in the area and she trusted my advice, a good start!   We got the property on the market, produced some fabulous marketing details and it was not too long before we had managed to secure an acceptable offer, by this time she had been on the market for nearly 2 years!"

I am sure everyone hoped that would be the happy ending, but there was another hurdle yet to overcome.  Liana continues:

"Would you believe, just 3 days before the exchange of contacts was due to take place, the buyer’s mother became seriously ill, and our buyer had to leave the country immediately to look after her mother.  She withdrew from the sale as she had no idea on timescales and did not want to keep Valerie waiting!!!!!! Valerie was in a chain of sales transactions and was also about to exchange on the property she was purchasing too, so this was devastating news to give.  After the initial disappointment and shock, I made a promised to Valerie that we'd find another buyer to step in so that she wouldn't lose the property she was buying.  Of course, we had all of the legal paperwork ready so all we had to do was find a buyer quickly.  Valerie trusted my advice and we reduced the price to ‘offers over’ her absolute bottom line figure, and within 2 weeks we had 2 offers and went to a ‘best and final’. We achieved an offer above the asking price and I managed to get the sale through in just over 3 weeks.

The call I made was a heartfelt call made after a long hard journey. We formed a bond and as a vendor needing my guidance, Valerie enabled me to get the job done for her by fully trusting me and knowing that I was going to look after her best interest. We have now exchanged contracts and the buyer is delighted too. Valerie will finally move into her new home and start her new life. Today the buyer will pick up his keys as we complete so it is an exciting day for all and the end of a journey!"

So if you are struggling to sell your home, or feel that you need some really honest advice, please give Liana a call ☎️ 020 7424 3222 ?07876 191431