George Bleakley


George Bleakley, Sales Negotiator

My quote: " It’s not the size of the lion in the fight but the size of the fight in the lion."

My role at London Residential: As a sales negotiator my role involves liaising with potential buyers on behalf of our clients. This includes understanding the motivation of people who buy through us as much as it does the reason for our clients selling. Naturally, as most estate agents do I open and close doors however the real bread and butter of what I do is not this, but the bringing together of people on either side of a transaction as to agree a fair market price.

Background: From leaving further education all I wanted to do was get into the world of property sales. I am now coming into my third year in the industry. Having spent a year working for a corporate agency in Muswell hill/ Highgate followed by a year and a half in West Hampstead for the same company I felt it was time for a new challenge. Being a lifelong Camden resident the opportunity to work right in its heart, for a company with the calibre of ours, was both an obvious and relished next step.

These are a few of my favourite things: ‘ Above all lies my love for Manchester United (don’t tell my Jack Russell). I regularly travel home and away and dispute any claims of me being a ‘cockney red’ with tales my northern heritage! Beyond this I am a keen adventurer and love spending time amongst nature, I grasp at any opportunity to get to the Alps and pursue my love of free skiing (x2 surgeries later!). When times get sunnier nothing wakes the body and mind like a fresh water swim.’