Downsizing: A growing trend in North West London

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downsizing your home 

Once you know what your North West London property may sell for, you can start to make exciting plans and perhaps enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

The traditional image of a downsizer is of an empty nester looking for a cottage in the countryside after their children have flown the nest and this type of downsizer is still the most common type we help. London Residential is however handling an increasing number of properties for sale in Camden and Kentish Town that belong to singles, young families and mid-life professionals - all wanting to sell their current home for something smaller or more affordably priced.

Downsizing goes against the grain of moving up the property ladder but it’s a trend that looks like it’s here to stay. It’s all about balance. Many homeowners would like more disposable income and downsizing to a smaller or less expensive property is often the quickest route to liquid assets. If you’re thinking of selling your property, read our FAQs for vendors.

From reducing the cost of monthly mortgage payments, paying off the mortgage altogether and freeing money to invest in a buy-to-let, to being able to fund a comfortable retirement, reducing running costs and having more cash to spend on luxuries, downsizing can facilitate sellers in a number of ways.

“Many homeowners simply don’t want to be a slave to their mortgage anymore,” comments Liana Loporto, Sales Director at North West London estate agents London Residential. “Downsizing can open the door to early retirement, perhaps a second home or even the opportunity to be mortgage free. Many of our vendors tire of maintaining a large period property or they want a more fluid lifestyle so they can travel more, using a smaller property as a base.”

London Residential is helping downsizers within North West London in a tandem process - finding the right buyer for their house or flat for sale in North West London, and finding the vendors a smaller or more affordable property. Many movers want to stay in the Camden borough as it’s a vivacious, social place to live with great business, educational and cultural connections. We have a great choice of homes for sale suitable for downsizing that allows us to keep the transaction under the London Residential roof. If you’re a first time buyer, read our top tips.

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